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Sharma Travels Bangalore is a renowned transportation company. They offer cargo and passenger travel services connecting to all the major cities in south and western India from Bangalore. Sharma Travels Bangalore always believes in the making of excellent and remarkable journeys, and therefore considers use of excellent technology to be the foremost component to make every journey exceptional. Sharma Travels has since its inception strived to be more than just people and cargo movers. Thus they are an expert transports service provider in Bangalore, Sharma Travels ensures a world-class transport facility in India which is safe, along with being comfortable, affordable, and reliable and customer friendly.

Sharma Travels initially began its journey under the leadership of Shri Dhanraj Parasmal Sharma, who is known to be a phenomenal visionary in the transport industry in India. It was his passionate urge to serve the industry, which helped Sharma Travels to adapt to latest world-class technologies in the cargo and passenger travel segment in India. This committed leadership helped Sharma Travel rise to be the most reliable transports service provider in Bangalore. Sharma Transport with its state of the art transport facilities under a committed leadership of Shri Dhamraj Parasmal Sharma, instrumented the development of the passenger transport services not only in the state of Karnataka but also in its neighboring states, and in turn the whole of India. It is now shown the way by the dynamic, passionate and committed head of management which comprises of Shri Suresh Kumar Sharma and Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma.